Recently we had a snowstorm.  Now, for Northern Illinois in the winter time, that is not at all remarkable.  But as with the rest of life, “Timing” is everything !!

The snow started about 11 am where I was and by about 2pm there was all ready about 2 1/2 to 3 inches on the roads.  My boss let me go at 2pm (one hour early) and these are the photos of my drive home.

This was also a Friday and it seemed that everyone had been let out early as the tollway was jammed packed.

What should have been no more then a 45 minute drive, (33 miles) turned out to be 3 hours !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There were no accidents, no cars in the ditch and yet I had to drive 10 miles an hour.  I don’t encourage reckless driving, but we could have gone at least 45-45 mph.

When I was a young’n and growing up in my little town in the cornfields, these were the kinds of roads and conditions that we may have had to drive on for 2-4 days !!!

Interim Chicago Mayor Micheal Bilandic possibly lost his job due to a snowstorm and it almost seems that since then, no politician would be willing to lose his or her job because of snow removal and there seems to be a lot of overkill in the politics of snow removal and far too many drivers demand/expect roads to always be clear and dry !!  This was not much noticed until the recent economic downturn and most cities don’t have unlimited snow removal budgets.

6 comments on “SNOW STORM !!!!

  1. Wow… hope you had snow tires!!

    • Matthew W says:

      Nope, just all season radials !
      We were talking about that at work the other day, remembering when we were kids and the family vehicle had to go to the shop to have “snow tires” put on. Kind of a great invention all season tires !!

      (oh, and remember “studded tires”?)

  2. trixfred30 says:

    Now you’ve got me started. Last winter (January) I left work to travel the 13 miles home. Usually takes 1 hr, 1hr 30 mins if the traffic is bad. That winter night I got home in 7hrs 30 mins. We don’t do chains, winter tyres, or ‘snow socks’ in southern Britain because ‘bad’ weather is rare (the Gulf Stream and all that). But that night we had 2 inches (yes just 2 inches) of snow and the whole thing road network seized up. The gritters were out too late and couldn’t get anywhere (I saw one stuck in a traffic jam). And we ran out of gritting salt. England is great, so long as nothing unusual happens.

    This year so far its dropped below 0 centigrade about twice! Not a snowflake in sight…

    • Matthew W says:

      I’m shaking at the idea that a 13 mile commute would be 1 1/2 hours !!!.
      At over 7 hours, I’d go mad as a hatter !

      Had I had any idea that my commute that day would be three hours, I would have just stayed at work for another 3 hours and wit until it was better.

  3. trixfred30 says:

    The next time I see a snowflake I’m staying put. And commuting in England sucks. Period.

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