Lunch For Week XVIII

Lunch for the next week.

I had some leftover ham from a dinner a few nights ago so I thought I would put it together with rice.  I am really enjoying having rice every day.  I am making the rice with that same package of “Spicy Szechuan”  that I have used for making my chicken and it does a nice job of jazzing up the white rice.

Also, as part of my being a “Mad Scientist” in the kitchen, I used a package of “Chinese Barbecue”  to flavor the ham.

(The Mad Scientist part comes in because I did NOT follow the directions on the package!!)

Still having the yogurt and fruit for breakfast

The directions on the package called for marinating the meat and then baking.  I just mixed it up and added it to the fry pan and cooked.  I had to add a bit of cornstarch to thicken it up.  At this point, I have yet to even sample or taste what I made.  As  far as I know, this will be a disaster come lunchtime on Monday !!!

One of my favorite things about Asian food is the presentation.  In my opinion, Asians make much more of a point to add to the visual presentation of the food.  Seeing the color of this dish makes it much more appealing to me then just plain ham.

The good news is that I am down 3 pounds in two weeks.  That’s a little less than I would like, but there are still 10 weeks to go.  The above photo is one lunch.  Do you think it is still too much !!??!!