Trading “Therms” for “KwH”

For Christmas, I gave my wife a toaster oven.  (I know for some people that would be an unforgivable present).

But she LOVES it !!!

There are numerous items that it seems to take longer to warm up the oven then it does to actually cook the food.  Garlic toast is one of those items and I that we have had garlic toast with about every other dinner since Christmas.

We have a very small house and with that goes a very small kitchen.  I own a piece of land out in the country and sometime before I die, we are going to build a house there and there will be a premium on kitchen space.  A lot of people want to have huge bedrooms .  To me, that is a waste of space (do need closet space though).  You sleep there. You don’t entertain or cook there so why waste the space.  So I bought a nice stainless steel rack to add to the kitchen.  Since we were able to eliminate the other toaster, there is a nice bit more counter space on the other side of the kitchen.

The oven is a gas appliance and of course the new toaster oven is electric.  I doubt that there will be a noticeable increase in electricity or a corresponding drop in gas use.


3 comments on “Trading “Therms” for “KwH”

  1. I had to smile, when our wall-oven had a few weeks off to get repaired, I marched out and bought myself a toast oven… I couldn’t wait. I think it’s those “Easy Bake Oven” memories that still linger… A toaster oven is so cute:)

    • Matthew W says:

      The “Easy Bake Oven”. My older sister had one of those and I remember eating the “cakes” that she made !!
      I think our toaster oven will be a great convenience item.

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