Lunch For Week XVII

Start of the second week of the “diet”.  I really enjoyed the Lean Cuisine Egg Roll with the extra rice.  So, that was my choice for this week too:

(yes, I did reuse the photograph from last week)

I did find that because I was eating noticeably less, I added some fruit and yogurt for a morning snack to carry me over until lunch.

According to my scale at home, I’m down 1 pound !!!



2 comments on “Lunch For Week XVII

  1. Eideard says:

    Check the sugar content between flavored and unflavored, non-fat, low-fat and whole milk yogurts.

    I’d rather cut back on sugar consumed than fat.

  2. Matthew W says:

    I agree about trading sugar for fat !!!

    I’m someone that doesn’t eat a lot of deserts because if there is a choice between french fries and ice cream, I’m going for the fries !!

    I normally don’t eat the yogurt and fruit, and despite being “healthy”, there is a lot of extra simple sugars in them that I think I will eliminate next week.

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