Lunch For Week XVI

Lunch for week XV was nothing to write about, really !!

It was a 4 day work week and on Tuesday and Wednesday, I had leftover beef and mashed potatoes from Christmas dinner.

Thursday and Friday I had “Cream of Chicken Soup from a can.

But now, it’s on to week XVI !!!

I am slightly embarrassed that it is store bought, packaged food.  I am only using 3 cups of the rice to add to the dinner.

But there is a method to my madness.

At work, there is a weight loss contest/competition (for a lack of better description).  I would much rather cook my own food, but it is much easier to use packaged food that I can easily count calories, fat, carbs etc.

I learned about this weight loss event about two weeks ago.  I decided that it would be counter productive to continue going to the gym AND watching what I ate if I were going to do this.  So I stopped my normal eating habits and did not restrict/control/restrain myself when it came to foodstuffs.


I can not imagine what I would feel like if I continued like that.  I did not try to overeat, but there was very little reason to stop.

That’s a funny thing about my daughter.  A few years ago were at home eating hamburgers and she (6 years old at the time) was about halfway done with her burger and she put it down on her plate and said, “I’m full” and was done eating. Over eating is not natural and has to be learned???

Because of the eating of the past two weeks, I expect to weigh in close to 250 pounds.  My goal for the 12 weeks is to lose 10%.  Yes, a lofty goal but since there is prize money involved, I have an extra incentive !!!


3 comments on “Lunch For Week XVI

  1. I hope you reach your goal… follow your daughter around and eat what she eats for a day;) OK, maybe not, even I feel hungry!

  2. Food should have been better thought out. All these delicious things available to put in our mouths and we’re supposed to forego the double chocolate brownie with chopped pecans for the low-fat tofu lettuce burger. Really? Maybe if tofu and rice cakes were all we had to choose from we’d all be thin and homicidal. It is true, by the way, children can be fattening. Smile.

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