Christmas Dinner

We had the In-Laws over for Christmas dinner.  We usually go to their house on Christmas Day and then to my family’s house for New Years Eve to do Christmas there.  This works out best considering how difficult it is to try to coordinate multiple families and assorted family members all over the place.

The menu:

Hors D’oeuvres

( In college, a girl I knew pronounced them “Horse Doovers” and I still say that !)

Shrimp Dip

Feta Puffs

Sausage Treats

Various sliced cheeses


Colossal Smoked Oysters

Salted/Toffee Peanuts


Standing Rib Roast

Garlic Mashed Potatoes

Caramelized Butternut Squash

Green Beans with Almonds and Goat Cheese

Dinner Rolls

THE MEAT !!!!!

Yes, the Notorious Cheap Bastard spent over $34.00 for a piece of meat !!!!

But, I had a $5.00 discount and a $10.00  coupon so that made the price a much more reasonable $19.00

Here she is in her completely naked and raw splendor !!!

I poked a few garlic cloves in, covered her in oil, fresh ground pepper and kosher salt.

I cooked her outside on the gas grill.  Please note the cast iron pan that was used for the cooking.  I bought that sometime ago and if you are a serious cook(er), you must have at least one of these !!!

Sliced and plated up for serving.  You may notice a distinct lack of PINK anywhere on the meat.  I am the only one that would have appreciated  cooking and serving this absolutely gorgeous piece of meat in the only manner fitting for it, so I made the ultimate sacrifice for the family and overcooked it.  I hope no one thinks less of me for over cooking it !!

This was served with a nice sauce made of:

Sour cream


Dijon Mustard

Whole Grain Mustard

My garlic mashed potatoes.

5 pounds of Russets

8 ounces cream cheese

2 sticks of butter

Fresh garlic to taste.

Boil the bejesus out of them and if they get sticky, GOOD !!!!

These are homemade mashed potatoes, they should have some lumps in them and be “stick to your ribs”.


French Apple Tart


Made with tiny shrimp, cream cheese and chili sauce and served on choice of crackers.

Colossal smoked oysters.

I’m the only one that likes oysters so I got to eat all of them.

Only $1.89 a can at the grocery store.

Puff pastries with feta and green onions

Little smoked sausages in filo.

This was one of several plates that I had.  Nice pepper jack cheese and some Genoa salami to go with the oysters.

I was running around like a maniac and wasn’t able to photograph every thing !!!

Plenty of left overs to nibble on for the next couple of days.