21st Century Etiquette

One of my many pet peeves is people with poor manners.  Very irritating, rude and classless.  I think it’s far easier to have good manners then it is to have bad manners.

Much of good manners is timeless.  Saying “Please” and “Thank You” and asking “May I?”.  But with new and changing technology, what is accepted and what isn’t?

For example:

My wife recently went with my mother to a Madrigal show to see several nieces perform and during the event, my mother was holding her IPad over her head in a (failed) effort to video tape some of it.  My wife noticed right away that the IPad was much like a search light on top of a lighthouse.  My brother also noticed it and tried to convinced my mother to stop it.

With digital cameras being so small and prevalent and almost every cell phone now having a decent digital camera built into it, many people have no problem with just taking it out and snapping a photo wherever they are.  My own brush with bad manners:

I was at a local thrift store that we are known to rummage through and I saw some ceramic gnomes.

Thanks to a free movie weekend from our TV service provider, my daughter watched  “Gnomeo & Juliet”  about 8 times and loved it.  Both my wife and I thought it was horrible and the basic idea of even having garden gnomes disturbs me greatly.

But I saw these and thought it would be chuckle worthy if I sent a photo of it to my wife.  I did feel a bit squeamish about taking a photo inside of a business.  I know that many businesses have rules about not photographing in their place of business.  But obviously I went ahead and took the picture.

So, what do you the general rules are about snapping photos these days??

And what other 21st century etiquette rules are there?


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