Lunch for Week XIII

UPDATED !!!!!!!!!

This is the lunch we had today:

Yes, it is enough food to feed a small Amazon village for a week!!

I am not in the habit of putting butter on my rolls or toast at home.  I use butter to cook with but not spread on my food.  It’s just a way to save some fat and calories for eating MEAT later.

BUT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wasn’t  going to dip the lobster in the butter mostly because I didn’t want to hide the taste of the lobster with the butter, but I went ahead and dipped.


Holy cow was that great !!!!!!!!!

I almost wanted to drink it straight up !!


This will be a more boring post then any other !!!
The Holiday activity is beginning and this is the schedule for the week:

Monday:      Office luncheon

Tuesday:     Department (off site) Christmas party

Friday:         OFF

So I will just have to forage on Wednesday and Thursday.

The office luncheon:

In today’s economic situation, it’s a miracle that we still get a nice luncheon.  We also had a bang up picnic this summer.

Now I don’t want to look a gift horse in the mouth, but I could almost do without the lunch.  We have an upscale cafeteria in our building ($7.50 for sandwich,soda and chips)(which is why I bring my lunch!!) but when they try to put on a lunch for 200+ people, it loses a little in quality.

The main entree is Filet Mignon(nice, but would rather have a rib eye) and I think there will be a shrimp entree as well, roasted potatoes, steamed vegetable medley, rolls and and a variety of cheesecakes for desert.

No, I’m not bragging or gloating.  The cafeteria staff will do a great job but it’s really hard to put it all together with the best quality.

I would be happy with a good burger and fry !!

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