Why Americans Are Broke !!!!


“If you’re like a lot of credit card users, you don’t scour your bills, you just pay them. But you could be paying recurring charges you never signed up for, have fraudulent charges on your bill or otherwise pay for more than you should — like millions of Americans do each year to the tune of $8.6 billion. And now, yes, of course, there’s an app for that — in fact, a free service launched in a beta test earlier this year called BillGuard that will look at your bills for you to try to determine if you’re being ripped off or are paying recurring charges you weren’t aware of.”

“Web-basedlogs into your credit card accounts with user names and passwords that you provide, and scans your bills looking for potential red flags. Recurring charges you already authorized, you can simply acknowledge. Problem ones you can dispute.”

This is quite unbelievable !

I have two credit cards and every time that I use one of them, I sit down and enter it in my Quicken program.  Every month when the bills arrive, I check each charge listed to make sure they are all accounted for. (The wife is VERY BAD about not giving me her receipts).

Maybe once every other month I log in online just to check.

Managing money is not that difficult.  Some 30 odd years ago in high school, I remember having an Econ class where we learned how to make budgets, manage and track money, learn what should and shouldn’t be bought on credit.


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