Lunch for Week V

The Split Pea Soup (with slab bacon) was good, but I want to go back to my Chinese lunches, so this week it is Oyster Beef with mushrooms and sprouts.

The meat after cutting and marinating overnight in the Oyster Sauce:

And of course, the finished product !!!!

There isn’t much color in this dish.  I only added half of the sprouts and thought that if I tossed in some broccoli there would be too much food.  Did toss in a sprinkle of crushed red pepper flakes.

Going to be a little more costly this week:

Oyster Sauce:          $1.60

Sprouts:                     $1.00

Mushrooms:            $1.00

Meat:                          $5.30

I bought everything except the meat at Big Lots last week when they had a “20% Off Everything” sale so those items are 20% less.  I also stocked up on various Chinese ingredients.  They did not how ever have any of the baby corn left !!

When  I emptied the can of mushrooms, I noticed that it said “Product of China”.  That got me to thinking a little bit.  These mushrooms are not a gourmet product.  I can hardly believe that a farm(er) in China can raise, process and ship a can of mushrooms to America and Big Lots can sell it for $1.00 and make money doing it.  Is there a shortage of mushrooms in America?????  America is not able to produce enough mushrooms so that it needs to be supplemented with Chinese imported mushrooms??

Strange thoughts.