Athletes staying past their prime.

“As revealed in the referenced tweet, Josh Koscheck KO’d Matt Hughes in round one of their welterweight bout. Hughes is perhaps the greatest welterweight in the history of the sport; he is certainly the most decorated.

On Saturday night, Koscheck decorated his face with blemishes and bruises as he KO’d the legend in the opening round. Hughes tried to employ his stand up fighting game and he actually did well with it, but he took too many shots. He eventually fell to the mat during a clinch and Koscheck took advantage and finished the legend with elbows and hammerfists.

After the fight, Hughes said he would not retire. I had hoped he would as I believe he will face more beatings like this if his career continues.”

When I first started getting into watching  MMA and the UFC, Matt Hughes immediately became one of my favorites.

My previous favorite had been Royce Gracie.  Gracie was like a combination of an octopus and an anaconda.  Once he got a hold of someone,  he wouldn’t let go and it would be over !!

So I was really,really,really disappointed when I saw Hughes fight Gracie.  Gracie was well past being a serious competitor (but needed the paycheck I guess) and was embarrassed badly by Hughes.  That should have stayed in Hughes  mind when he agreed to fight Koscheck.