Will this shut up the 9/11 nuts??


When each jet cut its way into a building, it took with it parts of walls and ceilings, Simensen said. Steel bars in those walls would have gashed its fuel tanks, which would have caught fire. With the plane positioned somewhere in the middle of the building, blanketed in debris and with no route for heat to escape, the temperature would have rapidly escalated, reaching 660 degrees Celsius (1,220 degrees Fahrenheit), the melting point of aluminum — of which there was 30 tons in each plane fuselage — within an hour. The molten aluminum would then have heated up further to between 800 and 850 C (1,470 and 1,560 F).

“Then molten aluminum becomes [as liquid as] water and has so much heat that it will flow through cracks in the floor and down to the next floor,” Simensen explained in an email. There was an automatic sprinkler system installed in each ceiling, and it was filled with water. “When huge amount of molten aluminum gets in contact with water, a fierce exothermic reaction will take place, enormous amount of hydrogen is formed and the temperature is locally raised to 1,200 to 1,500 C,” or 2,200 to 2,700 F.

Chaos rapidly ensues: “A series of explosions will take place and a whole floor will be blown to pieces,” he wrote. “Then the top part of the building will fall on the bottom part, and the tower will collapse within seconds.” This is what Simensen believes happened in the two World Trade Center towers.

This almost sounds like my 8th grade shop class.  The teacher let us do aluminum castings.  His first mistake was telling us NOT spit into the molten aluminum.

DUH !!

Tell a kid not to do something and what do you think will happen.

On a serious note, the 9/11 inside job nuts just need to accept the reality of what really happened.


One comment on “Will this shut up the 9/11 nuts??

  1. I have read the theory and I admit it is an interesting and imaginative hypothesis for the explosive disintegration of the twin towers.

    Here are some of my thoughts.

    There are some assumptions made about the heat inside the towers where the plane debris was situated.

    We know from basic observations that the fires were oxygen starved (thick black smoke, only minimal flames poking out of the windows which were dark orange and not bright yellow or white). Compare this with Windsor Tower fire which was an raging inferno for about 24 hours (which interestingly remained standing, with only a few slumped floors).

    In addition we have the famous picture of the woman standing in the impact zone of the North Tower. Note the absence of soot on her jeans or burn injuries or even (as far as we can tell) any singed hair. Note also the absence of any kind of raging inferno behind her (where the plane debris would be situated).

    The fires in both towers moved up to the floors above (as fires tends to do). Heat also rises. This would have meant the majority of the heat (which was not particularly significant anyway, as already noted) would have quickly migrated to ABOVE where the plane debris was embedded.

    Next we have the fact that Brian Clark of Eurobrokers managed to escape (with another surviver) from his office which was on the 84th floor of the south tower. This floor was ABOVE the plane impact zone. They both made it down through the stairwells situated in the cores, which he said was TOTALLY INTACT despite the plane having impacted several minutes before. This proves that at least some of the core remained virtually untouched and that there was no raging inferno in the south tower either (in the locations described).

    You can hear Brian’s testimony at the beginning of this documentary.

    Then we have the recordings of the fire fighters in the south tower in the minutes leading up to the destruction of the building. No major fires to report there either.

    It’s hard to conceive of exactly WHERE these alleged raging infernos capable of melting the plan were actually situated. There seems to be no actual evidence for them at all, instead we have numerous observations and witness testimony from inside and outside the buildings (as well as above, below and inside the plane impact zones) all of which consistently contradicts the theory of any raging infernos existing at all.

    Also we know a large quantity of the jet fuel exploded outside the buildings on impact, particularly with the south tower which was hit off centre.

    Next we have the nature of the buildings’ destruction itself.

    In this short video clip (below) of the south tower we can clearly see the following observations:

    1. multiple explosions ejecting pulverized concrete and steel girders at high speed and from multiple floors simultaneously.
    2. This is occurring while the top section of the tower is still toppling over to one side many floors higher up. In the video it can be seen toppling at the start and disappearing into the dark smoke/ dust.
    3. Note also the uniform leading edge of this wave of explosive ejections (on both visible sides).
    4. The wave of explosive ejections is traveling down both faces of the buildings but the ejections themselves are coming out sideways.
    5. This downward wave of destruction is traveling ahead of any collapsing debris indicating this wave of destruction is traveling down both visible sides faster than (or equal to) free fall speed. In fact relative to the actual collapse which is still happening approx 20 floors higher up this wave of explosive ejections is racing down the buildings at a phenomenal speed! We know that material falling beside the building is traveling at free fall speed (encountering no resistance). And so if this wave of destruction traveling down the building ahead of collapsing debris falling through the air really is a ‘collapse’ then it must be happening at least as fast as free fall speed. This means the collapse must also be encountering no resistance too. But we know that each floor consists of an acre’s worth of concrete 47 steel box columns etc etc (ie MASSIVE resistance). So physics tells us that this resistance must be being removed by some other means allowing the rapid ‘collapse’. And this leads us full circle back to an explosive destruction wave preceding the actual collapse itself – which is also exactly what we observe in the footage.
    6. Note the visible corner of the building which remains intact over many floors (presumably still intact behind much of the dust as well)
    7. Note the contrast in dust colour. The explosive ejections are a uniform light colour while at the initial onset zone (above) there appears to be a mixture of light and dark concrete dust and smoke.
    8. Be aware of the scale of the twin towers. They were HUGE. The explosive ejections appear at one stage to be occurring on perhaps 20 floors simultaneously (I’m sure an exact figure could be calculated from all of the footage). Let’s be conservative and say 10-15 floors. This is still the equivalent of watching a 10 – 15 story building being blown apart virtually instantaneously in all directions.

    These few selected observations alone (out of many more which could be given) completely contradict the ‘exploding aluminum’ hypothesis. Not only was there insufficient heat present (if humans can survive it, so can a plane) but the explosions witnessed (and caught on film) are far too powerful, too uniform, to widespread and too controlled to be the result of random melted aluminum leaking through ‘cracks’ and stairwells etc.

    Whatever did cause these massive explosions it was clearly not a melted airliner coming into contact with a sprinkling system.

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