A shining example of Democrat “Civility”


“Between 5:30 p.m. and 5:45 p.m. each day, someone in a black Honda would drive past Walker’s house in Wauwatosa, blow his horn like crazy, give the finger through his sunroof and shout, “Recall Walker.”

Week after week, the routine didn’t change.

Then, on April 27, state troopers stationed at the Walker home decided to take action.
“I stopped the vehicle for the constant horn violation on today’s date,” wrote State Trooper Robert Simpson. “I asked the driver for his driver’s license, and he immediately stated he was recording me and that he was a state probation agent.”

The driver was Azael Brodhead, a 36-year-old Iraq War veteran who works for the state Department of Corrections as a probation and parole agent.
He acknowledged that he was the serial honker. He said he was upset with Walker for trying to break up public employee unions.

“Mr. Brodhead stated that he was exercising his 1st Amendment rights and he could flip us off anytime he wanted,” Simpson said. “I advised Mr. Brodhead that he could not just honk his horn when he wanted to. Mr. Brodhead paused and then stated that I have him on the horn but not the first amendment rights.”

Eventually, the trooper ticketed the probation agent.
The offense: Unnecessary blowing of horn.”

Stay classy Democrats !!!!!


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